Integrative Therapeutic Massage

Each massage is customized for your specific needs and integrates a wide range of modalities, both physical and energetic. In natural therapeutics, we take a Holistic approach to healing, meaning everything is connected. When we integrate modalities, we work beyond just the problem area and work to connect and resolve issues at their source.

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Energy Work

Energy work takes many different forms: Polarity, Cranialsacral, Medical Qi Gong, Unwinding, Core Synchronism, to name a few. These modalities work by tuning into the bodies energies and working with those currents and patterns to achieve optimal flow of energy throughout the body. Energy work is great to balance out physical modalities and helps any changes and relaxation achieved through physical work to last longer. All treatments are integrative, meaning I use both physical and energetic modalities. If you would like more information on these modalities and their uses and how they may benefit you, I am happy to answer your questions. If you would not like these modalities used at all, let your therapist know at the start of the treatment.

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Hot Stones

Hot stones are a great way to help relax and loosen up tight tissue. A therapist may use hot stones in areas of chronic tension, on acupressure points, or in hand to help apply pressure through tight muscles. The heat from the stones not only helps the therapist work more deeply into problem areas but also aids in relaxation of the client. The heat helps tissues to open up allowing for deeper relaxation. The stones are heated in hot water and are cleaned thoroughly after every use. If you are interested in trying a hot stone treatment, make sure to request it when booking your next appointment.

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Core Synchronism

Core Synchronism is an energetic modality that is both subtle and profound. It involves working with the client's central flow of energy and the movement patterns of the structures in the body caused by the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Core allows for deep relaxation allowing the nervous system to rest and reset. When these movements fall out of their healthy patterns, due to injury, stress, disease, or any other reason, they can most times be gently adjusted back into synch by a trained therapist. Send us a message if you are interested in learning more or trying a treatment.

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Reflexology is an ancient modality that works with points on the feet corresponding to vital organs and other areas of the body to help improve theri function and clear the body of toxins. This is not your average foot massage, as reflexology is deep work and can be uncomfortable for some. Send us a message if you are interested in learning more about or experiencing the benefits for yourself!

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Myofascial Release

Fascia is a connective tissue that supports all structures in the body. We often focus on the pain caused by tight muscles, without realizing that much of that discomfort may be coming from tight fascial tissue. Myofascial release is a modality that works to gently stretch the connective fascial tissues around the muscles to regain circulation, release tension on aching muscles, and restore range of motion and flow to the body.

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Tune in to yourself

Life these days can be very hectic leaving little room for relaxation and meeting our own needs. I have found in myself and others, that when we don't take the time to get quiet and ask ourselves what we need, our bodies make those needs known, often, in painful and uncomfortable ways. My goal is to help people find the time in their busy lives to get quiet and tune into themselves, opening a channel to healing through bodywork. Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain, or simply looking for some stillness and time for yourself in a busy day, I aim to create and hold space for your needs.

Each body is unique and communicates its needs differently. That is why I customize every treatment by integrating different modalities based  on your specific needs that day.

The more we learn to listen to the body, the more we learn to speak its language and start a conversation about healing with ourselves.


Synaesthesia (n.)

From Greek: syn- "together" , aesthesis- "feeling"

Synaesthesia is the phenomenon in the brain where one sensory perception is crossed with another resulting in experiences like the visual sensation of sound, or the auditory sensation of touch. In my practice, I have learned to use this perceptual cross-wiring to gain a deeper knowledge of different modalities, philosophies, and practices of the Healing Arts.