Integrative Swedish Massage

1 hour/1.5 hour/2 hour


Swedish Massage is a great modality for most common aches and pains as it increases circulation decreases muscle tension allowing you to relax and detoxify the body. Great for a "tune-up" or some well-deserved self care, Swedish is the go-to of massage modalities.


Hot Stone Massage

1 hour/1.5 hour/2 hour


Hot stones are a great way to get deep, relaxing, detoxifying work, without the pressure of Deep Tissue. Hot stones are glided across tight muscles and placed on tension points around the body to warm and soften the tissues allowing for deep detoxification of the muscles. Great for sore muscles after a workout or to warm up in the colder months! Hot stones are not recommended to be used with essential oils, so aromatherapy is not paired with these treatments.

Energy Work Treatment

1 hour/1.5 hour


Feeling drained or burnt out, have chronic pain, or just looking to deeply relax? Energy work is a great way to relax and rebalance the body in a gentle way. We offer a wide variety of modalities including Core Synchronism, Craniosacral, accupressure, Reiki, Medical Qi Gong and more. Each treatment is customized to your specific needs that dayand multiple modalities can be integrated into a session. These treatments are a good balance with other work like Swedish and Deep Tissue and help other work to hold longer between treatments. These are clothes-on treatments , perfect for those who don't want "massage hair" the rest of the day.

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hour/1.5 hour


Have chronic pain and can never seem to get enough pressure to release those knots? Deep Tissue massage combines the techniques you know and love from Swedish, but slows them down and applies more pressure to work deeply into tight muscles. These treatments focus on chronic tension points and knots with precise and sustained pressure to help the muscles release. Great for athletes, those with chronic tension and pain, or anyone looking to work out tension in the deeper muscles.


Reflexology Treatment

30 Minute


Have chronic ailments that won't seem to go away no matter what you try? Reflexology may be the answer for you. Each part of the foot corresponds, or reflexes, to an area of the body. Wearing shoes, injury, diet, or illness, among other things, can cause uric acid and calcium crystals to form around the nerve endings in the feet causing problems in the corresponding areas in the body. By going in and breaking up these deposits, regular circulation is restored helping to decrease pain and other ailments throughout the body. However, reflexology is not your average foot massage and can be uncomfortable for some, though it should never be painful. This is a deep therapeutic treatment that can deeply detoxify and leave you feeling like you have a new pair of feet.

Add On's

Aromatherapy (N/A with Hot Stones Treatments) - +$5

15 Mins Reflexology - +$10





Always learning

Synaesthetic Bodywork is dedicated to growing and learning new modalities and techniques to offer our clientele. Check back regularly to see what new services we are offering and what trainings are on the horizon!

Next Up...

Kinesio Taping:

Synaesthetic Bodywork will soon be offering Kinesio Taping thanks to the KT Express course at Spine Team Chiropractic. For more information, ask us about it at your next treatment and how it may benefit you, or click the link on the right!